Christine Boland gives custom lectures, presentations and workshops for companies and organisations, from small and medium-sized businesses to multinationals and government organisations.Read More
Broad experience and knowledge of various sectors make Christine Boland the perfect sparring partner for concept development and innovation processes.Read More
Trends and consumer drives are described in practical digital trend books that serve as style guides for designers and concept developers.Read More


Interview Christine Boland @ VSNU conference 2014

Christine Boland at the congres Trends & Transitions in Retail (4 juni 2015)

Trailer “TrendBeacons” documentary


Christine is also:

  • A driver during brainstorm sessions
  • A creator of thinking frameworks
  • A sidekick during product development
  • A sounding board for policymakers
  • An ‘alchemist’ who distils the essence from ideas and thoughts


“ The best book in the market!”
Kate Crossey - design manager, Marks & Spencers, Londen
“Jij bent analytisch, on the spot en helder. Ik bekijk nu de wereld weer met een hernieuwde blik. En er komt altijd iets concreets uit voor ons!”
Eva Elias - creative director, Rituals
Een helder verhaal. Wat ik waardeer is je positieve benadering zonder slecht nieuws uit de weg te gaan.”
Tip Kuipers - communications & interieur manager, Ikea
“I just learnt you were voted Trend Forecaster of the Year for fashion & design by Secondsight. Brilliant. I could not think of a better or nicer person to win it”
David Shah, director, View Publications