Christine Boland



Christine Boland is first and foremost a trend watcher/trend analyst with a background in psychology and fashion. Personally, she prefers to be called a trend analyst, since an analyst better describes the active role she plays than a trend watcher. Christine also holds lectures and presentations, both in the Netherlands, and abroad and is considered by many to be an inspiring speaker or, more appropriately, an inspirator. She gets her listeners thinking thanks to her surprising perspectives. She also provides companies and social organisations with advice as a consultant.

Christine is also:

  • A driver during brainstorm sessions
  • A creator of thinking frameworks
  • A sidekick during product development
  • A sounding board for policymakers
  • An ‘alchemist’ who distils the essence from ideas and thoughts

Societal transition

Curiosity and identifying and indicating connections are her personal triggers.

Christine Boland draws inspiration for her trend analyses from mass psychology and world news. What is the effect on people? According to this trend analyst, we are undergoing an unprecedented major transition in society. In recent years, a world has been created in which the addition of complexity has become a survival strategy. She believes that the counterpart to this is the need for a human dimension. This human dimension will become increasingly important for companies.


In addition to her role as a trend analyst and consultant, Christine has also been publishing articles in trade journals for 25 years and is a much sought-after jury member. She sat on the jury for the Viva400 and HEMA design competition, among others. Finally, Christine has been a co-author of the TrendRede since day one, which is published by 11 trend watchers each year prior to the Queen’s speech (currently the King’s speech).


In 2012, Christine Boland won the TWOTY Award in the Fashion & Design category. The TWOTY Award is considered the most important jury-awarded prize for trend watchers. Christine has also been nominated three times for a TWOTY.