From zooming out to zooming in

Trend analyst Christine Boland distils relevant trends from a multitude of information. This information is used by companies to determine their policy and create products and services. Her approach is unusual and effective: from zooming out to zooming in. She first zooms out on a macro level and then zooms in up to the product level and shop floor. By clustering themes, Christine can bring relevant coherence to them.

What’s happening?

The first step of the process is to determine consumer drives by filtering world news. What’s happening in the world? How does this affect consumers? If you know what is going on in the world and how it affects people, you can translate this into social trends, fashion trends, retail trends and consumer trends in general – and products that anticipate these. Using this approach, Christine ultimately arrives at a unique ‘visual language’, which she believes better describes the result than the word ‘trend’. This visual language is also established in the digital trend books compiled by Christine.


Christine Boland works for a wide range of client groups, from small and medium-sized businesses to multinationals and government organisations. Fluent in several languages, this trend watcher can easily shift gears between the various target groups. She always does so from a perspective that includes people in the story. She starts by closely studying the target group and then adapts the message to the group. “I try to convey the message to the audience by placing things within a specific context. Without merely sidestepping bad news, I aim for the audience to leave feeling satisfied and content,” is how Christine explains her philosophy.


Christine Boland Trends & Mindsets

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