Trend analyst and trend watcher Christine Boland clearly maps out trends, drives and opportunities. World news and social developments are her greatest source of inspiration. She shares her insights with companies during lectures and presentations , Mindset workshops and as a sparring partner  in the role of a Creative Compass. Read positive reviews from her clients and audiences or contact Christine Boland Trends & Mindsets directly at the following phone number for a no-obligation quote. Her organisation can also be contacted by e-mail.

Professional network

Christine Boland works with a professional network of people working in a wide range of disciplines. Her team has also devoted much time and effort into creating her highly praised trend books. Hester Jong, Christine Boland’s spokesperson, is available to answer all your questions. To book Christine Boland for your conference, seminar or event, or for more information, contact Hester at:


Christine Boland Trends & Mindsets

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The Netherlands
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