Trend analyst/trend watcher Christine Boland is an in-demand speaker both in the Netherlands and abroad. She can be booked  for lectures, conferences, seminars, workshops, brainstorm sessions and other events. Christine uses clear, inspiring and, above all, very concrete examples to filter the world news and relate it to everyday matters. In doing so, she creates a bridge between the present and the future, always based on the client’s situation and, consequently, always fully customised. For more information on custom presentations, contact Christine Boland Trends & Mindsets

Presentation Christine Boland

Consumer trends

Christine’s presentations are also suitable for anyone working with consumers, regardless of the sector, from retail, fashion, food, home decor and airlines to health care, city centre management and concept development. After all, every sector undergoes the same social developments. The ultimate translation of those developments differs for each sector, but largely boils down to the same thing: anticipating society.

Creating collective awareness

A lecture by Christine Boland is an inspiring and energetic experience. All those who have had this pleasure will agree. The strength of her presentations lies in the fact that Christine always bases them on recognisability. As a result, this trend analyst creates a collective awareness among her audience, after which she provides a collective vision of the future. Many of those who have heard her speak say that this trend watcher provides the energy and confidence to further develop a product or service using one’s imagination. Christine is also available as a consultant.

Christine’s various trends help you force yourself to view consumer trends and developments from a wide range of perspectives and, within that framework, search for new ideas for products and services. This results in original thinking that is truly outside the box.”